Piriformis Steroid Injection


Piriformis Syndrome, a condition with symptoms that include pain in the muscles of the buttocks and posterior leg, is often treated with a piriformis steroid injection. This condition is a relatively common ailment that is often caused by frequent sitting, injury, or overuse. This minimally invasive procedure helps reduce taught muscles and treats pain that radiates down the lower back and thighs. Piriformis injections are recommended when patients do not experience adequate pain relief from more conservative measures.


In this procedure, a physician at The Spine & Pain Center injects a local anesthetic to the affected area to reduce pain. Next, they will use diagnostic imaging and a contrast dye to identify the region of the piriformis muscle that’s causing pain. The injection is a mixture of an anesthetic and a steroid that is inserted into the piriformis muscle to reduce swelling and pain. Once the injection is complete, the patient will have a short recovery time at the office and is then released to go home.

After Care

Rest is recommended for 24-48 hours following the Piriformis Steroid Injection to ensure adequate healing. Most normal activities can be resumed immediately following the injection; however, strenuous activities, hot baths, and additional pain medications are to be avoided. Patients experiencing adverse reactions after the injection such as fever, increased swelling and pain, infection, and more should notify The Spine & Pain Center immediately. Most patients experience immediate pain relief right after the injection due to the local anesthetic but the pain will most likely return. Longer-term pain relief, as a result of the steroid medication, usually takes about 7 days to come into effect.