Knee Pain


A knee’s most important duty is to support the body making it most susceptible to injuries and chronic pain conditions. Designed with the patella (knee cap), femur, fibula, cartilage, soft tissue, ligaments, and tibia, any number of pain-causing problems can develop whether by aging or injury.


Injuries, arthritis and normal wear and tear are just a few of the causes of chronic knee pain. Symptoms from a torn meniscus, ACL tear, or an overuse injury all have one thing in common—pain. In addition to the bones, repetitive motion puts pressure on the surrounding muscles and ligaments, often resulting in a sharp pain with use or a dull ache.


A hot, red, swollen knee-cap is a common complaint of people experiencing knee problems. Are you experiencing a dull ache, a noisy popping knee-cap, or weakness when you walk? These signs may be your body indicating a consult with the physicians at The Spine & Pain Center is necessary. Why hurt if you don’t have to?


When patients first notice knee pain, we offer a full range of treatment options at The Spine & Pain Center. Icing the area, resting and over-the-counter pain medication may help reduce swelling and discomfort. Persistent knee pain may require medication and chronic pain treatments. Additionally, injections and/or physical therapy may be recommended in order to reduce swelling and discomfort in the knee. Finally, if it is determined that the knee is in need of prosthetic repair, an orthopedic surgeon may need to perform knee replacement surgery.