Ilioinguinal Nerve Blocks


Containing both an anesthetic and steroid mixture, ilioinguinal nerve block are treatments that have demonstrated success in reducing pain and swelling in patients with persistent pain in the groin. The ilioinguinal nerve is located in the pelvic region and it provides sensation to the inner thigh, the root of the penis, and upper scrotum in men and portions of the pubic area in women. Sometimes due to surgery, trauma or inflammation, it becomes entrapped and causes chronic pain for both men and women. An ilioinguinal nerve block is administered to patients who have not experienced pain relief with more conservative measures such as rest, exercise, and over-the-counter pain medications.


Once the injection site is thoroughly cleansed and the numbing medication has taken effect, physicians at The Spine & Pain Center will use an ultrasound or x-ray guidance to direct the nerve block into the ilioinguinal nerve. After finding the appropriate location, a steroid medication mixture is injected into the area. This should provide immediate results in reducing the pain and swelling due to the entrapped nerve. Some pressure can be felt by the patient while the procedure is performed. Following the injection, the patient will be sent to a recovery room for observation then discharged approximately 20-30 minutes after the procedure.

After Care

Bruising near the injection site may develop after the ilioinguinal nerve block has been administered but it is normal and should diminish after a few days. Doctors at The Spine & Pain Center may request the patient keep a pain journal in order to daily track their levels of pain throughout the following week in order to measure the treatment’s success. The patient will need to be accompanied by a caretaker to drive home. They may resume normal daily activities a few days after the procedure. However, we recommend no hot baths or strenuous activities. Any signs of a fever, infection, increased swelling and pain, or sudden weakness should be reported to a Tulsa Spine & Pain physician immediately.

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